Contactless anamnesis.

Protection through reduction of contacts.

Certified and legally compliant.

Future of informed consent.

Experience now a new form of medical education from home.
what is tara

The smart patient education.

Patient preparation and consent prior to surgical procedures, medical interventions or anesthesia are now possible online. Digital consent is contactless, legally compliant, and meets the highest data security criteria. Without waiting time. Without physical contact.
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What does tara offer?

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    Time saving

    The digital patient information can be carried out conveniently from home. A visit to the clinic for a preliminary consultation is not necessary. Long journeys and waiting times are eliminated.

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    Personnel efficiency

    Medical resources are scarce. Digitally, you are informed about your patients' illnesses and your patients are educated about treatment options. This is followed by a conversation with the doctor via video telephony.

  • 3
    Contact reduction

    A large number of hospital appointments can be reduced. Every avoided personal contact currently contributes to infection control.

tara - Arztgespräch

Anesthesia consult from home.

With tara, legally compliant anamnesis and medical information prior to anesthesia can be performed online. With the digital consent form, your patients save travel, waiting time and unnecessary clinic visits.
about tara.

The most important features at a glance.


Questionnaire-based anamnesis: Simple and comprehensible design.

Educational videos

In the video, your patients will receive all the information about the upcoming procedure.

Risk education

Frequently asked questions about possible treatment risks or complications.

tara - The smart patient education.

Patients give their consent online: At any time and without waiting times.


The doctor's consultation takes place in an individual video consultation.

Digital signature

Die Patienten haben alles verstanden? Mit der digitalen Unterschrift stimmen sie online zu.

Modern design meets intuitive user interface.

Step by step through digital patient education.

Why should you choose tara?

Docs in Clouds has been a pioneer in the field of telemedicine since 2004. We started by establishing the first telemedicine emergency physician service in Germany. Later on, we redirected our focus towards other applications/markets such as palliative care and elderly care.
With tara, we seek to provide a new impulse in the digitalization of medicine. The interdisciplinarity of our development team (consisting of physicians, engineers, and computer scientists) contributes to clinically relevant, user-oriented, and high-quality products.
GDPR compliant

Of course, tara complies with all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Server location in Germany

Optimal security: Only German servers are used for tara.

SSL encryption

To protect your information: All data in tara is transmitted SSL-encrypted.


HL7, FHIR or REST API interfaces make tara suitable for straightforward integration.

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    In a novel clinical study conducted at the Aachen University Hospital, an early prototype of our software was used to carry out 111 telemedical preoperative anesthesia consultations – the first worldwide. The feedback was consistently positive, on average 60 minutes of travel time could be saved per patient.
    Teleconsultation for preoperative evaluation during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: A technical and medical feasibility study

    Jan Wienhold, Lucas Mösch, Rolf Rossaint, Ilka Kemper, Matthias Derwall, Michael Czaplik, Andreas Follmann

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